The Biggest Lie Ever Told 4th Edition

This is the fourth edition of this book "The Biggest Lie Ever Told". The book has been extensively revised and enhanced. This edition of the book contains more than twice the content of the previous volume. The purpose of this book is to serve as a primer for those entering into the arena of Secular Theological Research; and what is Secular Theological Research - it is research based on reason and facts, governed by scientific methods of investigation, and not influenced by popular opinions or favored dogmas. Secular Theologists are not guided by faith in any particular creed, but rather follow paths charted by reason and pragmatism. They are investigators first, and believers or nonbelievers second, depending on the prevailing winds of reasonable evidences or lack thereof. Secular Theologists do not accept the concepts of so-called godly revelations, or sacred scriptures - to do so would be tantamount to exempting said sacred scriptures from our critical examinations. All scriptures from all religions are viewed with equal skepticism, and are judged worthy or unworthy solely as dictated by the yardsticks of truth.Regular Price $9.95, discounted price is $8.45.
The Biggest Lie Ever Told 4th Edition
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