The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth Book Three

This book was published in 2001. It contains All New information that was not presented in "Books One and Two". Our explorations into the esoteric symbolisms of biblical mythology has been significantly intensified within "Book Three". The four major categories by which mythology is defined are Lunar, Solar, Stellar, and Environmental. Our earlier books have focused mostly on the Lunar and Solar symbolism, but "Book Three" brings the Stellar symbolism more into Focus. This sets the stage for Book Four (not yet published) which shall focus on the interfacing of the three cosmic categories of biblical symbolism, which is essential to the Unveiling of that which is thought to be most Arcane within the bible. Some of the explanations within "Book Three" are intricate. Copious graphics have been supplied to help facilitate our Presentation. An extensive Appendix and Glossary as well as the index is included. Regular Price $14.95, discounted price is $12.70.
The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth Book Three
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