The Astrological FoundationOf The Christ Myth, Book One

Originally published in 1995, this is the first book of our series of four books that explore the subject of biblical mythology. The basis of biblical mythology is astronomy and because astronomy is a somewhat complex study, we have chosen a graduated process of exploring the topic through 4 volumes published over time. Each Volume explores the subject with increased focus into the intricate complexities of esoteric biblical symbolism. "Book One" contains in it's Appendix valuable astronomical reference data that is not presented in the later volumes. This data is Key to tracing the symbolical biblical correlations that are explained in all four volumes. All mythology is related to astronomy and cycles of time. This is innately connected with seasonal cycles and agriculture. Without doubt, the early formation of religious philosophy (mythology) was inextricably connected and actually based on these cycles of Time and the environment. The genesis of religion is clearly based in lore of the starry heavens (astrology/mythology) which are, in fact, the symbolical reckonings of astronomy.Regular Price $9.95, discounted price is $8.45.
The Astrological FoundationOf The Christ Myth, Book One
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