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The crucible of Jesus the Christ is written in the Sun's path through the Zodiac

 The books written by Malik Jabbar are focused on a comprehensive and explicit explanation of the correlative cosmic symbolisms between  the the Sun and Jesus the Christ; and also other incites associated with the origins and evolution of religion.       Thus far he has written seven books on this subject, namely "The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth" in Four volumes, also the "Biggest Lie Ever Told" "Lifting The Gnostic Veil" and "The Secret Origins Of Judaism".       In The Astrological Symbolism of Jesus as a sun-god, his birth takes place in Capricorn; his mission commences in Aries; his entrance into Jerusalem occurs in Cancer; he is captured and bound in Libra; and  his persecution and death is culminated in Capricorn, the same sign of his birth, which signals the completion of the sun's annual cycle.      The details and proofs of these facts  are brought forth in the writings of Mr. Jabbar; also brought forth are forthright explanations of why the Ancients chose cosmic symbolism as a universal means for theological expressions, along with certain other forms of symbolism. 


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Celestial Garden of Eden

Garden Of Eden Myth exemplifies Cosmic symbolism

The Graphic To The Left represents the Cosmic Garden of Eden. The biblical story of Eden is actually representative, symbolically, of the astronomical region shown in this graph. The two trees of the Garden mentioned in Genesis actually symbolize the Ecliptic Pole and the Celestial Pole of the Earth. The Serpent is a symbol of the constellation Draconis. Adam and Eve represent the Twins of the constellation Gemini. A comprehensive explanation of the symbolism is focused on in  Lifting The Gnostic Veil. The subject is also covered in Book Four of The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth.

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Malik Jabbar Comments on Garden of Eden Cosmic Symbolism

Tip:View the graphic of the cosmic Eden above while listening to the explanations of the Eden cosmic symbolism. Note that this cosmic graphic is centered by the Pole of the Ecliptic (Tree of Knowledge) ; and that the Earth's Celestial Pole(Tree of Life) tracks the outer perimeter of the Garden (astronomically referred to as the Circle of Apparition) . A comprehensive  explanation of this symbolism, inclusive of additional graphics, is given in the book Lifting the Gnostic Veil. Also see Book 4. 

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